Skirmish Paintball Exeter, Devon, your gateway to an action-packed paintball day!

Skirmish Paintball Exeter, provide the No1 paintball venue in Devon. Paintball Exeter provides Junior paintball, Corporate paintball & Stag & Hen Parties. Our Paintball venue in Exeter has been providing paintball for 25 Years in Devon.

Visit our 120 acre paintball site in Stoke Woods, Exeter with 18 thrilling gamezones.


About Skirmish Exeter in Devon

Our aim is to offer the best day out possible for you and your friends across Devon.

Our 120 acre paintball site in Stoke Woods, Exeter, Devon has 18 thrilling play areas and a wide variety of enthralling scenarios, all designed to challenge and excite you.

We play small games of paintball, usually between 20 to 30 players per game. This allows the games to be tactical, and fun. At Skirmish Exeter, Devon we do not mix professional paintball players with amateurs and we have dedicated junior games which we never mix with adult paintball groups.

Group paintball packages

Imagine crashing through the undergrowth, dodging exploding paintballs, hiding in bunkers, or spying on your enemy from on high, and you have all the ingredients for a truly original and exciting experience with friends, family or both. more...

Junior Paintball games

To make sure our younger visitors have a great time at Exeter Skirmish we have developed a young guns paintball package. Ideal for school outings and activity days, young guns is a range of paintballing scenarios designed especially for players aged 12-16. more...

Stag & Hen paintball games

Planning a weekend of fun and debauchery to celebrate the imminent hitching of a close pal? What could be more fun than getting together all of his or her friends, dressing them up and shooting paintballs at them all day. Not much we're willing to wager. more...

Corporate Hospitality

Whether you’re looking to strengthen relationships with an existing customer or find a unique way to approach a new customer, a day paintballing at Skirmish Exeter will leave a long lasting and positive impression. more...

The Beautifull County of Devon:

Devon is a large county in South West England. The county is also referred to as Devonshire, although that is an unofficial name, rarely used inside the county itself and often indicating a traditional or historical context. The county shares borders with Cornwall to the west and Dorset and Somerset to the east. Its south coast abuts the English Channel and its north coast the Bristol Channel.

Devon is the third largest of the English counties and has a population of 1,109,900. The county town is the cathedral city of Exeter where pSkirmish paintball Exeter is based and the county contains two independent unitary authorities: the port city of Plymouth and the Torbay conurbation of seaside resorts, in addition to Devon County Council itself. Exeter is the2ndlargest city in Devon. Much of the county is rural (including national park) land, with a low population density by British standards. It contains Dartmoor 954 km2 (368 square miles), the largest open space in southern England.

The principal geological formations of Devon are the Devonian (in north Devon, south Devon and extending into Cornwall); the granite batholith of Dartmoor in central Devon; and the Culm Measures (also extending into north Cornwall). There are small remains of pre-Devonian rocks on the south Devon coast.

Devon gave its name to a geological era: the Devonian era, so named by Adam Sedgwick because the distinctive Old Red Sandstone of Exmoor was studied by geologists here. The whole of central Devon is occupied by the largest area of igneous rock in South West England, Dartmoor. Devon's third major rock system is the Culm Measures, a geological formation of the Carboniferous period that occurs principally in Devon and Cornwall. They are so called because of the occasional presence of a soft, sooty coal, which is known in Devon as culm.This formation stretches from Bideford to Bude in Cornwall, and contributes to a gentler, greener, more rounded landscape. It is also found on the western, north and eastern borders of Dartmoor.

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